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Fluctuating rates have been affecting profit margins for companies as small as a family business and as large as a national bank. Whether you are a chief financial officer or a small company who deals with foreign currencies, Foreign Exchange Settlement Services Kft. can save you time and money.

Committed to the discipline of currency risk management, we believe our task extends beyond trade execution and includes investing time in each of our client relationships to offer a tailor made trading strategy that enables you and your company to move ecisively.
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Hedging Strategies
Hedging is a way of protecting an Fx purchase against losses. Hedging can be used to protect against an adverse price move...
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Industry Services
Running a business is complex, especially when you need to pay partners and providers around the world...

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Payment Solutions
Our extensive selection of products and services, supported by leading-edge technologies, are tailored to support the unique way...
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