Payment Solutions
Global Payment Providers

Choose C&CFX to send your payments all over the world!

When you can trade money in 140 currencies, the world is your oyster. At C&CFX, our innovative global payment solution reflects the very latest technologies in the industry, ensuring that our payment providers meet and exceed the needs of your business. There’s an endless list of methods to choose from too – including access to e-currency payments, bank payments, prepaid debit cards, payouts to major credit card networks and international payment processing.
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Payment & Settlement Flexibility
Adapting to your needs
Do you know how you want to pay? Whatever methods suit you best, we will do our utmost to make it happen – from write transfers and EFTs to standing orders and cash letters. You can trust that our reliable system will get your funds to where they need to be.
Currency Capabilities
Flexible currency solutions
International payments don’t have to be complicated. Our flexible currency capabilities safeguard your ability to send money across the globe, in the currency of your choice – quickly and easily. In fact, you can pick from over 140 currencies to countless locations of your choice. Simple!
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