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Our reputation is built on ensuring our clients are successful

We are FXSS

Established in 2013, FXSS has quickly secured its reputation as a leading supplier of comprehensive FX services across the world’s major deliverable currencies.

Our solutions are completely based around our clients’ needs, ensuring that our currency services are fast, flexible and secure. Meanwhile our rates are consistently up-to-the-minute, thus bringing you the most affordable payment options out there.
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Among the many benefits to our clients, we guarantee and provide the following
Same-Day Trading of Funds
Designated Currency Dealers
24-Hour Client Services
Foreign Exchange Account Openings
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Why Choose Us

Our history, background, expertise and reputation all make FX Settlements a leading choice for FX systems and solutions.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your industry, our suite of solutions has been designed to make it easy for you to send and receive money – across a variety of methods and in a huge selection of currencies. It is this flexibility, coupled with our use of cutting-edge technology and our dedicated approach to customer care, that has helped to set us apart in this fast-paced sector.

From the expertise to guide your decisions to the ability to ensure you objectives are met, we at FX Settlements guarantee to find you a solution that is robust, reliable and second-to-none.

How Do We Work?

The creation of your unique hedging strategy starts with the identification of your market exposure that will give us the information needed to develop the basis of your risk management policy.

From there, we will help you to identify your goals for the future, and guide you towards the best tools to achieve them.

Finally, we will put your strategy into action in an effective manner that ensures your objectives are reached.

Our Mission Statement