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If you need to send money to another part of the world, then you want to be able to do so simply, effectively and in the currency of your choice. Our services help you to do exactly that – by giving you’re the most for your money and working as quickly as possible.
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There are so many reasons why you may want to send money overseas

Perhaps you’re moving country and starting an exciting new life, and you need the funds to pay the deposit on your rental agreement.
Or perhaps you’ve spotted a wonderful investment property in an up-and-coming location, and you need funds in a particular currency
to secure the down payment.

We make this easy. You can set up automated payments that mean the money leaves you account at a set time every month – which is
useful for paying mortgage fees or making tuition payments. We can also set up a standing order on your bank account, which automatically
sends foreign currently to the overseas recipient of your choice. Other benefits include set rates for set periods of time and individual
options to suit your requirements.

Whatever your goals, we’re here at FXSS and ready to help you find a solution – and we guarantee to be cheaper than the banks at
transferring your money in the currency of your choice!

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