Industry Services
Regardless of your industry, we will provide you with an effective transaction solution.

What are industry services

At FX Settlement, our suite of future-focused industry solutions has been crafted to meet and exceed the needs of your business – whether you are a small family-run concern or a substantial global organisation. Our expertly-trained team will listen carefully to your requirements and guide you as to the services that will best match your objectives.
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Connecting you to your market
When it comes to your eCommerce needs, our products have been devised to help you make effective connections and complete the transaction – wherever it may be.

Across a range of geographical regions, our solutions are designed to accept a vast range of currencies, using payment methods including cards, EFT, mass payments, wire transfers and others. The benefits of this are endless – giving your customers the ability to pay in the currency of their choice, while enabling you to reach out to more potential clients than ever.

And the best news? At C&CFX our eCommerce solution is designed to blend seamlessly with the world’s largest payment processors and aggregators, as well as with your own online platform. This is a payment solution that makes doing business online easier and more effective for everyone – while alleviating risks and reducing costs.

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Financial Institutions
Efficient transaction platforms
A modern financial institution like yours needs a solution that will ensure you are instantly connected to your markets. You success is entrenched in the performance of your technology – and we understand that.

Whatever your expertise within the sector, our team is up-to-date on the emerging trends and the latest challenges associated with your dynamic business. With that in mind, they will ensure that our efficient transaction platform provides you with effective solutions that guarantee your customers are well-taken-care-of every step of the way. In fact, our solutions not only simplify your process by working through a single, fully-automated system and using multi-currency holding balances, but do so in a manner that is cost-effective and timely.

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Law Firms
Cost effective solutions for legal firms
We are proud to offer effective and bespoke solutions specifically crafted for the needs of the legal segment.

Regardless of the size of your firm, we at C&CFX understand that you need a solution that will help your reach your finance objectives in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. Our contract-free product enables you to do exactly that by effectively simplifying your international payment system – so you can safely recover your legal fees from anywhere in the world.

Aside from giving you complete flexibility, we also offer a guarantee on exchange rate protection that ensures you pay the best prices possible.

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Private Client Solutions
Tailored financial solutions
Wherever your company is based and whatever the sector you operate in, we at C&CFX are pleased to bring you a range of specialised solutions tailored to your FX requirements.

Our solution is simple. Whether you’re planning to make a one-off international payment or will regularly be sending different currencies overseas, our straightforward approach is quick, affordable and customisable.

So, whether you’re making an investment in a project in the USA, sending a gift to friends in Australia, or transferring money to one of your dependents as they enjoy their gap-year, our solutions will take the stress out of your money-sending requirements.

Enjoy the simplicity of C&CFX. For more information on the way we can work for you, please Contact Us today.
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